Show Notes – No. 301 – February 20, 2012

February 21, 2012

ODGMS – Show #301 2/20/2012 Length – 35:39

– Happy President’s Day
– The fine art of dish
– Madonna’s show at the Super Bowl
– Goodbye Whitney!
– The Grammys
– Hollywood agents

4 Responses to “Show Notes – No. 301 – February 20, 2012”

  1. I think Madonna’s performance at half-time was great. I do think that she needs to realize that it ok to mature. No need to keep trying to appear to be younger than she is. Age gracefully, madame.

  2. Mr. Jacobs,
    Aloha and thanks for the note. I actually like M’s tunes -and love some of ’em too -“Pazzo per Te” !!! THE GIRLIE SHOW was fabbo -Stadium Revue. Her public persona is tedious to me. Zero irony. Ah, Mae West, another sexy LEO. Ms C is smart, tuff, capable of graciousness, if not humility. We were actually talking of the general relevance of superstar megaproductions at like, a football game? Here, rushed (hence a bit ramshackle flow-wise) grandiose, overkill. Miss Thing!!! on a float with muscle slaves??!! All the stills looked great. She’s had work -just to maintain, but starting, as it goes, to look like someone else (cf Springthing as Ricky Nelson). And nb, we did say this was going to be dishy- playful critique & cheap shots!, so tongue was in cheek., which i think from your very pleasant tone you know! You’re very kind, thanks for tuning in! as always, -tony

  3. Tony,
    great show…Giants champs! right on about halftime – lets bring the FL A&M Marching Band, “the Rattlers”…a 10 minute version of “Bitch” with 80 horns blaring…yeah yeah

  4. Great!
    funny, i was thinking about STONES w/ big horn section & WYMAN for 50 year tour!!!


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