Show Notes – No. 290 – October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

ODGMS – Show #290 10/10/2011 Length – 44:45

– Columbus Day
– Sarah Palin in Boston Columbus Day parade
– Perry has another bad week
– Faith Based Initiative
– Racial profiling
Occupy Wall Street
– Christy a no-go
– Justin Bieber toothbrush

3 Responses to “Show Notes – No. 290 – October 10, 2011”

  1. No way will Perry get to the finish. We’re all sick of that stupid Texas swagger-even Republicans. The Republican field is thankfully dismal.

  2. Benny,
    I agree. He’s a dope; and $$$ grabber.
    cf: what Jim Hightower has to say re him. We paraphrased it. You’re on the $$$ ’cause this week the idiot said he’s gonna not be in a bunch of the scheduled debates ’cause he’s done so badly. they should all follow his lead. The jerk was on some show and he was spouting about a list of things he was for, and the moderator said, -oh, just like the Wall St protestors. And Perry just FROZE DEAD in a massive DUH. bye, asshole. so much for the texas profile: anti-intellectual; lip service to religion; xenophobia; macho. there are texans, and there are douchebags my joke is the Rangers lost the series because god was punishing the morons. The field is piss poor. Koch-Cain and his 666 tax plan- raises all except on very rich – cut by half, or pay nothing. etc etc. he was particularly imbecilic on Wall St protests. Benny, thanks for the note -stay in touch! -tony

  3. Beth,
    Merci beaucoup!
    …tell a friend!
    keep in touch,

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